Introduction To 'Great River' Village

My Friends and Fellow Grenadians, I am Donald Earl Bridgeman, developer of Grenada's Conception 'Great River' Village Community now being constructed on our 'Spice Island'.

Greetings! Over the years, we have been listening to your expressed concerns and disappointing stories discussing your interests, hopes and dreams in considering a return to your island home. I am one of you. I left in 1963. Like you, I achieved what I set out to accomplish - education, knowledge, jobs, incomes, health care, quality of life, a decent home, raising a family and retirement security. We have now arrived at that point in our lives where we can breathe again, exhale, and enjoy life as it was intended. Conception's 'Great River' Village Community is being created with you in mind, to welcome you with open arms.

Folks, our Island In The Sun has undergone tremendous changes since we migrated so many years ago. The quality of life have greatly improved. In “Today's Grenada” much of the amenities, conveniences and life styles we currently enjoy abroad are now available to us at home. Most important among these for us are health facilities, medicines, medical practitioners and medical care. In fact the world famous St. George's University Medical School, and the planned Mount Hartman Medical Park are catering great improvements to Medical and Health Services on the Island (see campus below). Cultural, recreational and leisure opportunities abound to the extent that folks come in from other countries to access and enjoy. Transportation, travel and home life are at high standards. Public safety, homeland security, shopping, dining and hotel accommodations are now world class. Recreational activities on our mountains, at our beaches, in our rivers, around our lakes and along our historic sites see constant heavy traffic. Economic and commercial activities and employment opportunities have raised our living standards and quality of life tremendously. Infrastructure improvements have given Grenada a vibrant night life enhanced by our natural tropical environment. Conception 'Great River' Village Community is poised to welcome you to Today's Grenada.

From Conception's Great River Village, one can take casual walks to the Medical Clinic, the Town of Grenville, churches, ports and recreation parks and yes – even the resting place of loved ones gone beyond. Great River Village has its own on-site 'River's Edge Park' where with your family, guests, friends and neighbors you can enjoy natures' creatures in their natural habitat. In the Village you can distinguish the moon and the stars in the night skies from man-made objects. You can view the mountains, listen to the sea waves, wade in the tide, bathe in the rivers, walk along beaches, and stroll through neighborhoods comfortably and safely, while breathing clean, fresh, pure and healthy air. Our Great River Village Community Center beacons villagers, families and friends to engage in indoor recreation at their leisure. Playing cards, checkers, dominoes, etc. are fair games, or shoot pool, debate, discuss, converse or relax as they choose. Most importantly, the European and North American Pound Sterling, Euro or Dollar pays Multiple Dividends in exchange for our Eastern Caribbean (EC) Currency. All of Conception 'Great River' Village prices are quoted in EC currency.